Mother and her sun was runing with big wild animal, something like tired but bigger. They were runing from witch and her daughter. Wild animal lead them to castle, mother were looking from up to witch trying to get in to the cestle. Next to her she saw white balls and she throw them on witch and witch try to catch them because they looked nice. In that time sun went to basement and found from where to get out. He called him mum and they went put there they found big gorilla. On his hand he hand something very sticky, he gave and on mother gloves. He took sun and hanged in tree trying to show the way, mother climbed on three to and jumped on other three like gorilla did.  After while mother saw that they reached lille beautiful house. But to come in need to put hand to recognize person and to let in. When they went in mother and sunremeber when father took there then first time and showed them rooms, it was like his ghost of memories showing the way. After mother when upstair I saw from window strange creature. Like human, but with big head, pink hair and three eyes, then boy saw, he tried to call mum. Then creature’s middle eyes gone…


I stoped the dream, because I was afraid that wicth will find then, so I open the eyes, but I know that I could stay there, but I wanted that they would be safe, and I scared of that creature ouside the window.

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