I got Ayumi’s ALBUM!!!!


Finally wish came true!!!!

I got CD+DVD

Also Photobook

And also POSTER!!!!!!

When I got that pack I was so happy, when I was opening my hands was shaking and I actually literally cry, why? because it’s first time I’m buying from Japan ( I love Japan), First time I’m buying from Ayu!

Thats just amazing!

I stil can’t believe I have album with all songs and video clips. All I was smiling, british people thought I’m crazy…

But you know what?

I am crazy in some way, aren’t I?


I put poster next to my bed that when I  can’t sleep I will look to that poster and dream when I can meet her or go to her concert XD

Yeah… thats me.. I never showed you before

Oh I guess who don’t know Ayumi, then you never saw Sexy little things video XDDD oh it’s hilarious

Tell me in comments  about your opinion.

I know clip is weird, not everyone will like, I didn’t liked from begining…

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