My Twitter/Recommendation updates late

I have twitter! Yeee! I decided to have it most of ti because Ayu is there and I can write there and she might write me back. I would so happy if she would.

So I’m writting there everything in japanese, but if you want to write in ither language, please I can in : english, lithuania, japanese, french(not well).

Please see my twitter:

There is already few followers, they are both japanese maybe that why I forcing my self learn japanese and write to them ^^ ありがとう

PS I’m sorry about recommendation, i didn’t wrote long before. T_T

But there I will show you list which ones I’m gonna write about  (dramas, films, music):

You’re Beautiful


1Litre tears

Waiting in dark


Baby and I

An cafe

I will try to write them fast as I can, but now I can’t really.. My hand… I have something with my right hand T___T, hurts…. I can’t draw and do many things, I feel useless, my stepmother now have to do more work and now I have so much work, because of final project in college, I hope my hand will heal soon

Please support me, I need that


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