Dream “Light Circus”

I was one of the children standing in group in second floor. The place remind me old church, there very beautiful architecture and many beautful people sitting and watching, I was amazed by women’s dresses. Looking from balcony I could see a little bit of circus.

But I wasn’t one of the children, like again I was like ghost who can fly a little bit high, but not much. Then suddenly poeple from circus fly on rope on our floor where was other little space for them made. Children’ teacher wanted to as to see everything so he tried to take as closer as he can. One woman was sitting alone next to her little table and he was in way of teacher, so he came to her and put her fully scarf around her eyes and told children go forward until she can’t see. Then he told her ‘I think you shouldn’t watch too much, because there very dark, you will damage your eyes’.  For a little while she didn’t move. After that he took of the scarf and give her back. Like for me a ghost ther all attention was to circus.

Young boy was playing with fire around and others few was doing around other amazing shows. After that thr boss took big candlestick, who looks like wreath, it was bigger than a boy, but he could take it.  My ghost (me)  appear on scene, of course no body saw me, but I was in girl’s body. There has to show with thise cables and girl had to do it with that boy, so when she went I didn’t move. The boy and girl had to throw for each other thise candle sticks, but girl did mistake and then everything finished. After all  audience was gone, I was stick in girl’s body again, but I couldn’t control it very well. Then one fat durty man came in on that little scene and was very angry on girl. He thinks that she must not performing anymore. He grab her, and pushed her stright to the wall. And start to kiss and also lick her neck with pleasure, she tried to get away from him, and somehow she did it, I came back to her body and with little high heel we been runing again, making noise in church. We when outside and still runing on fresh grass. Runing and runing…

PS I know hard to imagine, but I will try to draw some episodes and charecters which I saw. (I think I have to create new page and call dreams XD)

PS2 I’m very sorry for mistakes, It was early morning I couldn’t think propertly.

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