New idea~ nail artist

Sorry for not writting for long >.<

First why I called my today’s dairy post “new idea”

Well because i have new idea. >.<

Soo.. Recently I’m doing for myself or for my stepmother nail art..

I was thinking to sow you guys and as what you think. I would open new page and put some pictures.


Because I thought if no one will let me in to art course just because of my english, then I will look for job as nail artist. I don’t know is that good idea. I would time like part time, that next day of it I could study english for next year ^^

I did new art on my nails


I know I need work harder. And I will!!!!


Also I bought such a beautiful flowers few days ago, and now they bloming fully.

Carnations! I love those flowers!

Awww! KAwaiii! So red~~~

Sorry for emotion, but my room now looks more alive!!

Also I saw beautiful flowers walking to Sainsburies shop.

I forgot how they calls in english but I was talking baout them before XDD

Well I guess that it for today.

Now it’s a little bit mess everywhere because of galleries thingy XD

but I’m worried about something else..

Goldfish have a cancer, I’m really worried about him. I hope that’s doctor mistake.

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