Lovely day

Today was such a nice day ^^

Sun was shining, daiskiii~~~~~~

Expecially today seeing my flowers smiling to me :3

It’s so lovely, isn’t?

I love flowers, they allways have to be in my room no metter what.

Let me to zoom in


Aww thats even more lovely!!!

They always smiling so beautifuly, I wish all poeple would smile like this, but in daily routine they forget that.

Thats very disappointing.

PLEASE don’t forget to smile!!!!!

Thats food for poeple!

* * *

I have good news, Finally Finally it happen!

It ‘ngland is hard to find some japanese products to buy that I could cook, but finally one of products came up in stock. I was waiting for most


Now I have more freedom to do what I want.


* * *

Finally ‘m happy that I could show few nail art from summer collection, but how you saw, thats just part 1.

I have more even better XP

Today finally I changed my stepmothers nails in to different. For this week she chose that one which already in this blog. In blue green dark background, black net and white flower with leaves (I should give names for some art works, that you could understand).


Here was some changes in colours, because she don’t like very bright colours, she likes light ones, so it’s hard to work on her nails when I get limit. But it’s her wish and I don’t mind.

Batter appearance I will show in Nail Art section later.

Now I’m very tired, but happy having lovely tea “easy night”.*makes me sleep fast” and thats good because I’m going very late lately.

This cup set (there is 3 cuts also in box for guests waiting ;)) is from my mum on 16th birthday. i love it! I love japanese sets, this one modern what I want also traditional.

I think I want to much ._.’

But for now I’m happy, drinking tea, listening to original album of ayu Rock’n’Roll Circus, expecially on BALLAD song, so beautiful, I feel so peaceful.

Please listen, you might feel peaceful too.

I love this song~

If some one wants thid song tell me,or video, I have it all >.<

as me, you know that I have XD

Do you like this song? Doesn’t that sounds so peacefuly beautiful?

Oyasumi, Aishiteru~~

One thought on “Lovely day

  1. This is a lovely entry~
    I just loooove your flowers! is true! they are smiling for you~ :3

    I’m happy that you smile 😀 that’s wonderful ^^
    AND!! you can finnaly get the Tofu!!! Ureshii~ (*^^*)

    by the way the cup set is BEAUTIFUL!!! ^w^ and BALLAD too~
    thank you so much for your entry ^^

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