I was kicked out from my room

Yes, I was kicked out from my room by my stepmother >.<

Sounds funny, but that true.

I was kicked out with computer and my tablet.

T____T hidoiii~~~

Well, she wanted to me get out and have some fresh air.

I had some fresh air in to my lungs. Feeling a bit happy.

Working on Ayumi’s  birthday drawing.

But I wont show it looks like until October 2nd.  Because I don’t want to Ayumi see until her birthday.

I hope she will like.

Actully my mum’s birthday coming faster, but I don’t have much ideas what to draw my mum.


Few days ago I was going to college and being after holiday in Lithuania, I notice that trains are very different, actually in Lithuania buses insine looks the same as in England in trains. I prefer of courses train in England, but in Lithuanian trains there is more space, but when the entering in the train is very awful.

Thats in Beeston, there is my college, I always travel here with this train.

Thats in Nottingham station in other train, because to get to my college I need two trains. With which one i go from my city to Nottingham is longest way, have very beautiful interior inside, it’s like hmm.. Summer colours: red, orange, yellow. It’s so lovely and great to travel with that train.

Anywayyy~~~ going back, I decided to do some pictures of my garden, but I didn’t cared much about it, because I had other work to do.

Yeah.. kind of looks not alive.  T___T *next time I should be more careful*

I have great great great newwwws!! Just got it.

Finally my mum can have earings


Oh I forgot to tell you poeple, I’m insine about earings, I love them, I have a lot of them, so now I need to box, because in which I have now, it don’t fits all of them XDD

Now for mum I can buy earing if I want, so If I find very creatives one, I will buy for her.


Happy for her, very very much!

Also her new haircut, I want to see *__*

Oh yes, I forgot! do you remember when I said I want new haircut, I think  now that I don’t need, because I might don’r like what in salon will gonna do for them, I just confused.. don’t know what to do ._.’ confused.com


I really want to show you this. You will die from laugh, I watched this so many times, but I can’t stop from laughing.

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