Pub/today’s lovely day XD

On undey was so lovely day, sun was shining :3

So my family decided on evening to go to new pub that my daddy discover while I was in Lithuania.

Thats inside


I don’t remember how ot calls, but it’s in Welby town.

I like this pub, it’s very comfortable and peaceful. Just don’t go on sunday’s night, most of food and hot drink are sold out. But I like service and food is very delicious.

Thats from outside

It’s looks little, but cute :3

Today this morning we had little guest in our living room

Mr. Spider

He looked cute, but after washing my hair I saw bigger in bathroom wasn’tthat nice anymore >.<

I din’t get from where they came from, they never been in our house, maybe it’s too cold for them at this time .


We prepared to go outside for shopping and fresh air.


from left

Thats hairstyle I have now and I love it all the time, but because my hair heavy, I can’t take in long time, I have to use to it.

In evening was so nice and what I notice every evening when is sunset, sun is shining on Ayu’s face on wall paper.


I love wallpaper, I love everything what Ayu make for music.

Finally I have good phone to do photo of this wallpaper.

She looks so beautiful.

I’m waithing for her new album.

Talking about Japanese stars. Soon I gonna buy “Gacktionary”. It’s amazing book written by GACKT. It’s inspire to me to live my life. Maybe someday I should write to you some stuff from it.

That how book looks like, thats what is my goal!! *0*

I will write some thoughts from this book.

“The ability to dream is given to every one of us in the world. But dreams are not there to be dreamed, but to be realized.”

I love these words. Next time I will write some more good thougths from that book. That quote by Gackt “Gacktionary” “1.Dreams are there to be realized, not to be dreamed. To realize a dream, you have to stay steadfast in your strong will.”

It’s amazing book, just everything is in japanese, but I can take it.

I will learn it, my dream will come true!!

Sorry that I don’t put any my art in galery in other blog, but my tablet pen got broken. But for my stepmum is nothing inposible so she found in internet and bought it for me. Thank you, Airina!!!! :3 She’s my saviour when I cry for art or for something other. And art is evething for me and if I can’t draw I die. And if my pen if broken that mean I can’t use my graffic tablet. T_____________T

Thats all news for today

Oyasumi~, mina!!!

Chu chu~~~

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