I’m student

Finally it’s september 3th

I when to callege and sign for next course ^^

Also going from train station I foundsomething very cute

Nature is so beautiful

So I’m being so proud of myself I have new student card

when I have on I feel smarter XDD

Oh also I got nail art and on my nails, I can control left hand better now

I love it myself, I wanted pastel colours and I made it.

Do you like it?

Today also my mum’s birthday! Happy Birthday mum!!

This week all students starts to walk colleges and schools. I have good song for them. I will give lyrics that you could understand what is singing for.

We start to move for the next stage
We keep on walking
On this endless, straight road
We keep on shining

I wonder how I’ll be able to
Make a start again
From this point

* I looked up at the sky and smiled softly
I heard, “Don’t be afraid, it’s all right”
I looked up at the sky and tears rolled from my eyes suddenly
Even the scar left in my past is dear to me now

I hear the signal sound for the future
Our eyes meet each other

My heart is throbbed with excitement
I wonder what I’ll choose and draw
And what kind of map will be made up

** When we feel the wind, let’s clench our hands tightly
Because we don’t need many words any more
When we feel the wind, let’s make a strong step
Let’s go with the same speed, looking at the same scenery

Sorry, not all song, but if you want,I have song and video clip, ask me ^^

I think that song is perfect for new education year ^^

2 thoughts on “I’m student

  1. I am happy, becouse I can watch your block and to know about your ideas or some fanny dailylife moments. I feel like your neighbour.
    Big success for you.

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