Illness Illusion

WHen is so cold, of couse everyoe get sick, me too

Gackt song Illness Illustion sometimes really amazing for me, because you feel freack for that period time of song

I’m happy that there isn’t video clip, because i don’t want to destroy my PV in my head

It’s just when I listen, feeling like Gackt with with his insine  illness and voice trying to invite him in his big insine circus, which from you will never get out, and seeing him sitting on king chair singing song as illusion circus king. Oh I wish to make Animation style PV, because he would never act for that XDD

Somehow Youtube don’t let me show, sorry about that

I will add link —> Illness Illusion

GACKT – Illness Illusion [DOWNLOAD]*

*I got request that poeple want to get songs which I showing, so I decided when ever I show some songs, I will give you to download them, that if you like you could listen them all the time!! ^^ please tell me if you have any more requests.


Finally came up Ayu’s song Love song, which is fisrt from list of new album, which soon come out

I love that song from first moment!Makes feel so alive!Please listen, you wont be dissapointed!

浜崎あゆみ – Love song [DOWNLOAD]

And I’m not disspointed that I will have this album, also good nes that finally my start to propertly count my original album “Rock’n’Roll Circus” ^^

PSII I see that more and more poeple checking my blog, everyday about 20 poeple, thank you so much

I hope you enjoy it ^^

CHu Chu~~~ Enjoy Love song!!!!

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