Full dark evening

Today I do feel very calm. In train I read new book by Stephem King “FULL DARK, NO STARTS”. Inside book there is many different stories how i know, the sfirst  I read is about living family in farm, wife hates it and what  to city, so she asks lowyer to help her, so Father and son didn’t have choise just to kill her, because she made very awful things, the why they hid her body and stuff then. When I walk home I do start to see blood, not water on ground, I shouldn’t read these kinds of books do I? But I wanted to walk slowly without have regrets or anything. Walking in friday nights not good thing. WHen there walking males agains me which different smells of perfume to hunt girls in midnights, that is stupid looking from side.  Everyone is looking the same.

I was thinking what wouls happen if someone would come to me and ask me to go drink to and stuff. First idea, pretend that I don’t get English and speak in Lithuania and walk away, or just walk away or tell that his jacket is pink not black and they would leave me alone, because thay would think I’m insine, what if they shoot then. Hmmm…No know many poeple carry gun these day.  Anyway back there. It’s cool to walk when is dark not many poeple, all I was thinking was good to go to eat somewhere nice and go sleep and sleep until I will need to go to meeting with my friends tommorow.

Thats the end of my stody for today~

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