Memorial Address

Finally I got new page of Gifs for you guys, I hope you enjoy it, I also accept sometimes requests, gifs you can use everywhere. Myself I like use for  This one, I made just yesturday, it’s from Because of  you PV. Even lately I get to other of her songs Memorial Address, I never understood why she crying when she sing that song, so I decided to watch it with lyrics, It’s really sad, expecialy for people who been left alone, for someone died. “You’re gone to the place where can meet again” thats the most I feel sad about when she sings, after listening and singing tha song I really wanted to cry, to go to concert sing and cry it’s not an acting to show poeple, it’s real feeling, just some poeple like to hide it, so show it. I’m in between. Well, I didn’t cry in college and I hope never will happen, that’s gonna be my challage ^^

For Memorial Address song, I wish you to listen and read lyrics written there, if you can wrote how you feel that time, you know, music effects

浜崎あゆみ – Memorial Address [Fail] I’m very sorry, but something is wrong with shared website, if you really want that song I can put in other shared website, just tell me ^^

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