March is in the end, time is going fast. This few days I have very weird days, it’s like you been trying something for someone and that dissapears, making me worry. How someone can dissapear, wouldn’t you be worry, cos I am. But for human needs to move.

Yesturday someone suicide going on train trails. So all trains to my city where stoped, even train who pass to get to London was cancelled.  I had to come back with taxi. It’s sad that you trying hard working and someone kill himself, somehow that sounds unreal to me.

But I do love when I need wait for train, I like to sit down in the middle of train station and watch poeple. Some runing some walking, some swearing because did got to train, some lost, sounds simple and nothing more, but try yourself. OPEN YOUR EYES like my tutor Julian says. Believe me, you will see much more, I can’t open my eyes, straing away that to see eveything , but I feel that it’s wider.

Believe me, there is many things you can’t see, which you will see if you wish.

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