Now relax.. I’m back finally, I had hard time with my project these days, but now we will work more relaxed bc there will be no more deadlines, just plain work to get units up.  Maybe finally I will show you my work, which I’m thinking to do, I wont tell you my plans, it’s secret for now XP

     I’m happy that finally I can comaback to my regular daily routine , but I’m thinking a bit more push myself for art so please hope to see more work, that must be. More training  more better progress right?

   Lately I start to watch many Korean Romance Movies, I will recommend them later. Also listen music korean, I found amazing singer, I lover her PV of Black and White I recommend you it ^^

G.NA – Black & White [DOWNLOAD]

2 thoughts on “Back

  1. I’m glad, that now you feel better.
    I saw very good korean drama “Goong”, movie “Postman to heaven” and taiwanese drama “Autumn’s concerto”. Did you see?

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