Music Top update and other…

On friday…. I think I started working on bigger peace (813x1016mm). What is gonna be I’m notgonna tell you… It’s a secret. You will show you just sometimes, few episodes from it, now it’s just a bigining.. It’s very long way to get to ending. But you see… someday XDD Now will be begining of college, work will go slower…

MUSIC TOP updates: I decided to make that top 1 song you can download if you want. As BONUS prize XDDD joking, still I was thinking about a lot and I decided to make it, so sorry that I didn’t done for this week, so now I will give you 2PM – like in the movie song, if there was who liked, can listen when ever they want.

I hope you like new updates in my blog is you have any offers for new updates please tell, I would really like to hear from you.

2PM – Like in the Movie [DOWNLOAD]

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