I found amazing book: Gratham Marks “TOKYO All Alone in the big city”. I know I do not recommend books, but this was just blow my mind, after reading it still felt that I’m in different world, and that I’m still in Tokyo. It’s really interesting, maybe in begining need abit to force yourself to read, but later on, without your own understanding you can’t stop reading it, there is lots of action and also there is romance. I could sau all in one.

Can you imagine I have Formspring, I totally forgot that I have one. SO you can ask me question if you want or say some requests also. Ofcourse I can’t make them all, but I do believe that would be challengiung to work on as an artist and other things.  Here you go FORMSRING

My weather: Today is bright and sunny, but there is many dasrk clouds around, which I hope wind will blow away making then brigh and white by giving good mood to others.

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