J-Con 2011

Finally I decided to go out somewhere where I never been, like cosplay festoval!! My friend Abigail with her obsession about costry drag me in there, but I quite enjoyed more than I thought.  Not because of cosplays that poeple had (ofcourse that was amusing too) but poeple were just amazing. Such a differents, also there was and artist coner in little room, I meet some interesting anime artists, also in otaku little shop where I bough magazine, there was japanese guy so I talked to him abit to him that was my best achievement!!! And I was really amazed to hear him speaking in japanese, because all Iwas hearing just through computer and now alive was just so amazing, I feel myself dissapointed that I didn’t as him to take picture with me, wll I hope next time I will take chace, because really he’s very friendly guy and for him was very hard to talk in english, when he found out I do understand japanese he felt more relaxed ^^

Overall everything was amaizng, I would really like to go again. I wish I could also on November in Manchester there will be Doki Doki festival www.dokidokifestival.com I think that would be amazing experiance too. After this I know that to go to festical is important, because that gives a lot of experiance also you meet amazing poeple you never meet, if I will have these kind of chances to festival I wont refuse anymore, I will go!!

Now I have some pictures of festoval not a lot, but just to get an idea:

Thats where most of festival was going in left there is those little shops of clothes, books, dvds and magazines.

I really liked that artist art, manga is very funny, Abigail bought it, later i read it, very funny. I bought from them wallpaper and cute badge.

That girl with tiger is that wallpaper I bough also up there is Natsume my favorite anime wallpaper I found in magazine I bought.

And that magazine I bought where was Natsume wallpaper and also Bonus was key chain doll figure.

Everything was amazing!!

PS. also the night before my friend’s brother taught how to play guitar, well it wasn’t much of lesson, but at least I put first step and I’m happy about that. Also he answered many questions about guitar and music that I really wanted to know. ^^ thank you

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