Lithuanian Restaurant “Kaimas”

Finally, after long time, we got to Peterborough, where you can visit Lithuanian Restaurant. Hmmm.. was wonderful time. Just it scared me 2 things, first that waitress were talking too fast (in lithuanian language) which made me worry that my lithuanian is getting worse, second thing, if you notice I ordered Patato pancake with meat. Can you see, how massive is that? Who can eat that in one go? Not me, for sure. I could take it just half, what left I took home, and what my parents took was in massive proportions too. So if you go you can take one for two, because hardly you can eat everything. Even there were drinks which you can’t find in british stores. Just my green tea tasted a bit of bag, because it was tea from bags, which is not very delicious thing, oh yes you can get carbonated natural mineral water “Birute” and “Vytautas”. My dad wantedwhole pack of them, because he loves lithuanian carbonated water. XDDD

It was amazing experiance, please visit, you will love it ^^

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