Movie: Love On Credit

Language: Chinese (English sub)

Released: 2011 October

Comedy, romance

Love On Credit: The film begins with a pair of twin sisters named XiaoHong and XiaoQing.They have totally different characters. XiaoQing beleves true love. By contrast, her elder sister XiaoHong only trust money. XiaoQing is going to get married with her 10 years’ boyfriend,Jiang Cheng. She had been working very hard to save money to buy her own house. But Jiang Cheng not only hung around everyday, but also was cheated and lent all XiaoQing’s saving to a bad friend. XiaoQing was too angry to leave Jiang Cheng and felt desperate at love. She applied many credits later to dress herself like a up-class lady so that she can cheat some rich man to marry her. On the other side, Xiaohong has been a lover of her boss for 10 years’ waiting ruined all her hope for love. She decided to evaluate men according to their credits.Then she met Zhang Quan who can shop without limits. She thinks the reason she made friends with Zhang Quan is only because she loves his money. But is this really true? Can Xiaohong and Xiaoqing achieve happinese at last?

Comment: Honestly I never seen romance comedy form China, but I really REALLY enjoyed watching it, I highly recommended, even I watched yesturday, that movie doesn’t go out of my head all this day, it’s really beautiful film!!!!!

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