Winter/ New Year

How do you all thinking about new year in this winter season? Do you think they will be good?

We all should think positive about new yer as new page in our life, that’s how I always think. But if I think for real what plans are waiting for me, from which I can’t run away, I don’t know how I will survive, when I said to my stepmother what is waiting for me next 2012 year, she said if I survive, that will be miracle. Please pray for me for next year, because I believe next year will be most horrible year I ever had in life. (I know can be worse, but now I thinks it’s not good)

You know, people who know me, I’m positive person, I like to think about future light and bright, but today I will fail you, because I can think like this negative for my next 2012 year.

But I promise, I will do my best to make it better as ever!

*Congrats to me and my followers on this blog, it’s 100th diary post!!!!

PLease enjoy your holiday celebration and Christmas, LOVE IS ALL!!! Take care HUGSSSS

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