2PM Hands Up

I felt so happy when on wednesday my CD came!!! yey to 2PM!!! They are amazing!!! I was waiting for this, counting days, looking through window for orange or red jacket wearing postman XDDD

Now I have it!!!!!!

It’s really nice, also inside there is photobucket with theyr photos finally I can see how they look like, because before I never gave chanse to for my self to check how they look like, I just liked they music and I never check no videos no picture nothing, all I like is music, now I check something more, because still I keep myself and true fan liking what I should like MUSIC!!!

Funny thing is that on wednesday I was very ill, but when I got my CD, I was like runing around trying to listen, because my loptop don’t like reading CD’s anymore, my stepmum’s computer somehow didn’t wanted to work, so I found my old player, then I tried to find bateries in dad’s workstudio. XDD and I totally forgot I was ill.  At the end I enjoyed music with my old player and was great.

I will show you three songs that I like most in this album:


 Give it to me

2PM – Like in the Movie

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