Honestly, here is so many things I want to show you, but I just can’t find time, lately I just messing up things lately.  I’m sorry. Well the truth is every artist have their downs and ups. I have a bit down now.  Anyway, I’, showing this picture, because it’s my new personal project, I know I have coming big MASSIVE project, but I miss drawing with my lovely tablet. But from this draowing all left shoelder hurts, yeah… being artist… hurts. XDDD But I hope you will have great time.

And I hopr poeple who love BIG BANG just like me are waiting for their fantastic baby PV. Because teaser looks so amazing!!!!!

And people are or were fans of Ayumi Hamasaki, I don’t know , but is there any people who enjoed Ayumi Hamasaki’s Party Queen cover, because now all fans and me are all dissapointed, why, why Ayu? you have to go so down? I really was amazed by you, now is just..  I’m sorry

PS, don’t for get check my tumblr (link is in “about”) there are some new spring photos I made, I wanted to put some more, but my camera is not the best, thats why I’m asking my santa to get canon, if he got this year canon printer, maybe this year canon SLR camera? 😛

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