Nature Photos/ Fantastic Baby

I can’t belive there is left just 2 week till the end of this project and then final work, I’mworried how I’m gonna take care all my family to get to gallery than how I’m gonna do my work. XDD

BTW I today when I bit for a walk with my friend Charly and dad’s camera Lumix 12x. I made some great pictures of nature and ladybirds, please check in my Every little thing tumblr blog, I still uploading photos because there is a lot of then and it takes time, but  I hope you will enjoy. ^^

I know that I almost talk about Big bang every time theyr release video clip, well all I can say is Fantastic baby is better then every other video clips,  it inspirated to do so many things, I mean from drawing some ideas. Believe me, that video blowed my mind for sure, like for example TOP part, I actually never seeing that someone would make effect of moving painting, it was such interesting idea, persing who desinged this video clip… is genius to me!!  Check and enjoy~

It’s second week how it stands in 1st place in TOP 10, check on music tops!

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