Stork, Chameleon, Cat, Elephant and Angel fish tutorial

For Project D deadline is so near. 4days left. In this photo is example from my project I was finishing to day. I with I could make this my final out come but I already decided that outcome will be poster. I might make something similar for my FMP for gallery, but thats all I’m gonna say. you will see in June what I made, I’m exicted myself what is gonna be.

If you want to make your self it’s very easy:

  • Have wood sheets in shapes, gold acrylic, very thin brush, spray black acrylic can (for cars)
  1. Spray with black acrylic on top and sides of shapes OUTSIDE house, when you spray please take extra care to fill whole black, all holes, everything. And leave then to dry, not at home, but if doesn’t work leave next to open window. To dry peffectly without smell keep atleast 12 hours.
  2. Go to internet or from your own photos find animal pictures with best pose and draw with pencil. Then with black pen draw squeres and circles hoe ever you want , but that when you delete pencil you would still see shape of animal.
  3. Lightly with pencil draw lines outlines on black wood shapes. Then draw shapes.
  4. Takes think brush and draw on top. If you want thinker lines like 3D. Let a bit of acrylic to dry (not to much) then you will get more thiker gold on brush and when you draw.
  5. If you want bigger contrast, put second layer.

It looks very nice on creamy colour wallpapers at home. ^^

I hope you enjoed~

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