University College Falmouth

OMG today finally my Uni’s prospectus arrived. I love it, this university is amazing!!!!! I checked other universities, not prospectus but i been in  Unies, but this… I wasn’t in falmouth Uni but if what is written is truth in this book, it’s my paradies!!!  When I showed to my dad he was like”What? How much cost?” XDD I said 9000 per year, oh you would see he almost faith, now..I was thinking when I will have children and their will come to me with uni’s prospectus and with huge amount of money price for it..  I can see that for future XD then he said “It will cost a lot for us to visit you” then I thoughwell your daughther is expensive at least she will go to the best art univerity. XDDDDD

Anyway thats all I  wanted to share oh and thank you for likes from last post, I didn’t thought I will get so much atention, thank yu so much.

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