Need to take care of nature

This poor messy pigeon was next to me train station. He is injured at front, he was just sitting in one place, but when he felt that people walk on him (stupid people! and british people says that they watch where they going¬¬) so he went next to me step by step, when he notice that I wasn’t doing anything dab he just stand there near my leg. I Felt bad for the bird, I wish I could call, but I didn’t know what was Nottingham’s Animal Resque phone line. I really wanted to save that little poor birdy. Then one man came out from coffe shop put him all bags on table took out some bread and gave it too him and told me “I’m pretty weak for this kind of creatures” I felt so happy that I’m not the only one who saw pigeon. He ate some food in that time I was scaring away other pigeons who where healthy and could easily fly somewhere else for food.

These are sketches I done while he was with me

AFter that looking all this destroy of nature I felt so sad, then one song on my iPod  came up which really good to our discusting humanity…

“God save us everyone,
Will we burn inside the fires of a thousand suns?
For the sins of our hand,
The sins of our tongue,
The sins of our father,
The sins of our young”

It’s from Linkin Park album “a thousand suns” 1. The Requiem

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