Simple Cooking

Cooking is amazing thing for people who loves cook and eat (I heard artist are good at cooking). I feel sorry for the ones who can’t. It also clear to see by kitchen looks is person into cooking. For example me and stepmother love cooking, that’s why in our kitchen everything working good and updated, there is a lot of instruments to work with and varieties species. My mum don’t really like cooking, even smell in bedroom (I never believed that people like that exist, but I was shocked that my most closest precious mum is). In her and other house members’ kitchen is very different and hard to work in, I would really love to cook something very delicious to my mum, but I can’t because kitchen conditions doesn’t allow me well. I’m not saying that’s bad, but I’m very amazed how much kitchen can tell about people. I for example, love smell of food in everywhere, even bedroom, it feels that is home. I do agree that is bad if it’s in work place.

What I really  like is to have skill o make food from what I find. Like yesterday, I needed to have some hot food, because my stomach was dieing. I got grip on it and  I fried mushrooms in butter, while rice where boiling, then I took already made frozen chicken peaces and defrosted. Then I put two eggs in frying fan and stir and put rice. Then after egg cooked, put some soy sauce. Mix well and then add chicken and mushrooms and fry it for a while. I just mixed all what I got in fridge. It was amazing taste, also when I made side dish from tomatoes. I cut cherry tomatoes and shivers, put some black pepper and salt. Mix well and then french cream on top mix and done.

Just put some imagination~

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