The end and beginning


Me and Youssef finished Sexy Spiketosaurus 2.0 photo shoot. All it’s left is make a description for it and send to competition. I can’t wait, I’m happy with anything, because we started it just like a joke.  After that we decided to hanging it adobe our table, looks nice, doesn’t? Ignore Youssef’s wall, he didn’t have time to put something on there, actually no one did, just me hanging random stuff.  Also you can see on table our fight territory. When will be the end of course, I will show you all mess we don’t with maskin’ type.  There are a lot of funny stuff there, I’m drawing on this table side,  he draws on my side.  ^^

Also how you know the end of educational year is coming. So we starting prepare for gallery opening. I already decided what I’m doing for the final project.. welll at least what materials I’m going to use… but no idea what theme is going to be.

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