Artist Talk: Oliver Kugler


For last week we have quest speaker Oliver Kugler with is an amazing reportage style artist that manages well to incorporate the feel of atmosphere on page having nice flow with typography at he wrote himself.

Oliver was inspired a lot by comics that he read and also for practicing he would copy their style. That made him to want to made a comic book. later on he left to USA to study illustration for 7 months, unfortunately tutors did not liked his comics,  but sketchbook caught their attention. They saw he had skills for drawing observational drawing which defiantly can be seen well in this illustrations now a days. He had struggles with colours and tried different media like water colours acrylic, but he discovered that scanning work and paint digitally worked his the best to help look well painted and colours complimenting well each other. He bravely send this promotion peaces to 6 magazine companies and find a job.

Now Oliver travels a lot around the world doing reportage. he goes on ships and travel to different destinations, listening to different people stories. He went to Shanghai draw streets and and locations. He took fare from Scotland to USA through coast and draw location drawings. Oliver also staid in fishing village for three weeks, he also got interview to do with guy who had part with mafia, which for him it was most exciting from all works he had. Unfortunately because that man wanted to leave mafia with his family he had to go under protection to get be saved, but its still wasn’t safe enough.

Oliver work is very popular and translated to other languages, but for picture to go well with text his hand writing was made into typography so that could be easily be changed to other languages and look good together with illustrations.

Overall, it was interesting experience to there the world around, the life people are living and the way he see it.

His website to check it out: OliverKugler

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