Hi! I’m Viktorija and this is my diary! also you can find there my recommendation to movies, anime  and music, also download some songs which I highly recommend ^^ there is  every week my music tops and I put my art which I’m proud of, I hope you will enjoy and have great time~


Menu line:

Gallery – my final project outcomes since 2012

Project schedule – list of finished and still going projects with dates and deadlines

More –  To other websites


Art – Posts of my progress in projects and other artists works which inspired me.

Diary – My posts of little things in my life.

Gifs – (no more updates)

Music tops – TOP 5 songs of week from my list, Top 3 of then most likely be new songs that I found in that week. Since 2013 05 weekly top charts are  CLOSED

Nail Art – one of my  hobbies  to do nail art for my stepmother.

Recommendations – my recommendations from anime, dramas, movies and books.

Uncategorized – reblogged useful stuff from other websites.

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