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HaNa starts journey


Everyone seen in my schedule in personal project there was HaNa written. Well now you get have a go check every month, or wait until whole chapter comes out and read it all. I just started the beginning and I start publish, because I want to put myself to do more work on it, please understand it will take time.

I will admit, it might sound boring or maybe not. I’m not very good at creating stories. But, you know, maybe its just me. If someone will read please give me feedback anywhere here or deviantart, tweeter. Tell what you think, or what I could change or if you have idea, I would love to here it. ^^

Manga will be updated every month somewhere about 4th.

To read [click here]

{here is one more link in schedule page}

August end inspiration: René Campbell

Recently, I bumped in to this artist in one website or other.  It is hard not to notice this kind of art work in whole gallery for me. Most of her works are connected to nature like animals. Also there is a lot of fan-work of pokemons drawn that pokemon fans love.

For me, a person having craziness about details and hard work, its very inspiring work. When ever I see it there are many questions coming to my head, like From where you get inspiration to make these patterns, what about light, what paper did she used and etc… For materials to my opinion, it might be used fine liner, pen,  sharp soft pencil or ink.

To see more of her works go to gallery:

HaNa Progress

Finally, I managed to get my manga. I still working a lot on it, because its just a beginning. I hope people will enjoy it. I’m not good at creating stories, but first work never as good as second or third one.

I can’t wait to show you first pages of my mange. ^^

little new updates about projects

2013-06-19-19-02-31_photoits all done and its all gone. Two weeks ago was the last time I been to college. Its sad. I already miss the place and of course most my teachers: Julian, Tom, Jane, Marek and Rob T_T.

Now when it all done I can concentrate back to my painting and manga “HaNa”.

2013-07-14-18-43-40_decoI know I definitely need to finish this year, because I wont be able to take this to uni with me. I will be too busy for this. I been busy all a long. I done for HaNa cover, I will present it to you soon. Also I done the content paper. I just need to scan and put some touches to be done. Then I will start first pages of manga.

That’s few little updates for now. Thank you

FMP progress, Lets keep going!

2013-05-20 14.09.34

There is left less than a month until gallery opening. It’s chaos time in our college. I also get sometimes stress, angry and forgetful. I took 4 days of from thinking about project and I don’t regret it. I feel I can keep doing project in calm status. I already done final sketch now just need a lot of developing time and that is what I’m going to do this week. Please keep supporting me as always~ (It’s nice to see when viewers number gets higher.. even that it’s very often)

I will do my best and you do your best!~