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Recycle: How to make for Big Earings hanger

This is just decoration for your room, if you want to. I just came up with idea when I saw those stick falling from chesnuts tree in winter. So I collected them and decided I should do something with them.

So i just still found some threads. These are most likely to buy where is section for post packaging like paper, bubble wraps and ball of these threads. So I just took quite loong to string, because I don’t know how long I’m going to make. If you look at picture you can see how I do it with strings around stinks.

After every 4th stick I make simple knot to make it stronger. And then do it how long as you want.

I recommend, have stronger, thinker, straighter stinks, it makes better work, unless you like a bit more natural and messy.

At the end when you finish, it’s your choise what you want to do. I just took my pine cons and attached to ends.