Category: Diary

New website appearance

I’m very glad to update website with new bright colours after few years of darkness. It makes me very excited. I hope you will enjoy this new appearance and watch me over.

Moreover, there is another update might occur. This year I become third year at university, as for third years for Final Major project we will need to have our own blogs or journals to be updated about the work we doing for the end of year. So with long thinking, I hope I’ll manage to use this blog, if tutors will disagree, i will open new one just for that project and let you know.

Have a good bright weekend, find a little happiness in everything ^^

The time we do not see

Time flies so fast, right?

it seem not long time ago I started university… and its here the third year, the last year and all studying is almost done. I don’t really want to finish. I enjoy studying. It is fun to go to studio meet my friend, work together, talk to tutors and staff members. Sad…

Lets try this year enjoy every single day, not to forget anything, take all of it in and don’t regret, because what we do is what we choose and we should not blame anyone. Maybe… maybe now its the best to stop doing what you were doing and think, is there anything we wanted to do, but i did not done yet? Write it down. Do it, because you never know when we will run out of time

2014 and Thank you

2013 been a long adventures year to me, many things happen. Releasing book, getting award, living on my own and starting university. This is the main reason why I could not update my blog. Now I’m quite settled, so its shouldn’tbe much problems.

There are new plans I’m thinking about for my other art studio blog I have. Every month little by little you will see changes. It wont be my personal blog, but it might become my art shop. So please wait for more updates.


Also because I haven’t been there long, so THANK YOU for new people who subscribed my blog, I did not expect that will be many. Thank you so much! And also THANK YOU to all subscribers who already been with me through this year and before.

25/08/2013: update


Its been long. Some new updates coming to this websites as coming to my own life.

In my life, that I finally going to Southampton Solent University far far away. New city, I hope new place to live. New people. Everything.

To this websites I’ll try to bring some more art related posts than my own life. It will be more beneficial to all of us. I might put from tutorials or how to use some materials to make art or something beautiful. I always try to find chance to make something and show it to you. Also find some beautiful artist and share with you.


See you soon~