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GLD: saving yourself from thinking

From today I start little discussion corner – GLD (General Life Discussion) It will be just some interesting thoughts from what I see everyday. How regular it will be I cannot tell, but when ever issue will come up, I will discuss.

So back to topic “it saves me from thinking”… few weeks ago  I was waiting in queue to check out in shop. There was two students in front and they asked for lady to split the bill in half, It was about 27£ and she was almost stressing out so guy said just put half 15£ and the rest other will pay. The she said what I could not forget till now “Oh good, it saves me from thinking”.

Of course, shop lady could be just very tired since it was evening, so it is understandable, but that got me thinking. Now really try to look around and see how many people trying to save themselves from thinking. In England it is a lot. It makes me sad that people totally start to refuse to use their brain. It is already research done that we just use 10% of the brains, so what about now in 21 century? It would be interesting to see how much average human being uses his brains in these days. For example, I do not avoid it, but if there is something really really hard i just stare at it for very long time and then think how to resolve it.

That is my  thoughts for October, how do you think about this? do you think you avoid them too? or you seen another person avoiding it?