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Music Wed [Sep Week 1]

New came out Boa song, which I really like. 
Sadly there is no video clip for that, but someday might come out.

"So good to me" was released 5 months ago, and I seen in gym.
But it took long time to find it on youtube.
I really love video clip, that took my attention. I recommend watch all
Maybe every girl should have this kind of pet. But not for "hind and seek".

And for dessert lets see super cute girls videos I like one a lot and one I just found.

Close music top/Queens Finger

Hello!!!! It’s been long time since I wrote there. Now it’s very big time now to me. Awards happen.. I will update about that later. Also other stuff coming. I’m really busy with this. So after big thought I decided to close weekly music tops. I will just put some nice music in my diary.  If I have time again I might re-open it.  For today I have something nice. It’s my tutor JULIAN!!! With his band MOON BULLET new video clip….

But seriously he looks like Super Mario…

Thank you to my teacher sharing this with me and now I will share with my blog viewers! This is my favourite song from his new album that I already heard last year:P