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Quest Talk: Martin Colyer


For the first time I think I had chance to go see an art director, which was Martin Colyer who also gave us a lot of advise on promotional peaces we made to send off.

When he started to work, it was very early age for technology, there no easy way how to reach artists as it now, there was also no such a thing as illustration course in 1976.  Radio Times was one of the first places he went to work and also worked on old magazine “The Listener” that now has vanished.  Colyer  told that he has passion of finding people who are more talented than him, that is people he really enjoys to work with. To be more experimental in news paper or magazines for small sections he likes to use new illustrations who do not get a lot of chance.  When he hires an illustrator usually he tries his best to give them enough time to work on, but sometimes in emergency ot get just two days to work on. For the style, he likes to keep variety, some graphics some traditional to be mix in, to make more interesting to reader.

Overall, it was amazing time meeting an art director who was very kind and humble person, moreover, getting a lot of advise how to work with art director was very useful and I was very grateful.

Clear path


Finally yesturday I managed to write down exact list what I need to do to reach the end. It made me feel less stresed. In tgr picture ia my test cd for ayu’s single. Im quite happy with resultw. But just to make better I’ll change some colour for typography and make more contrast.



I finally printed out my beloved promotional books. Those works like my children will fly to art direktors and agency and I hope they will like then because I trying my best to grow them well and Im very pround of them.

Artist Talk: Oliver Kugler


For last week we have quest speaker Oliver Kugler with is an amazing reportage style artist that manages well to incorporate the feel of atmosphere on page having nice flow with typography at he wrote himself.

Oliver was inspired a lot by comics that he read and also for practicing he would copy their style. That made him to want to made a comic book. later on he left to USA to study illustration for 7 months, unfortunately tutors did not liked his comics,  but sketchbook caught their attention. They saw he had skills for drawing observational drawing which defiantly can be seen well in this illustrations now a days. He had struggles with colours and tried different media like water colours acrylic, but he discovered that scanning work and paint digitally worked his the best to help look well painted and colours complimenting well each other. He bravely send this promotion peaces to 6 magazine companies and find a job.

Now Oliver travels a lot around the world doing reportage. he goes on ships and travel to different destinations, listening to different people stories. He went to Shanghai draw streets and and locations. He took fare from Scotland to USA through coast and draw location drawings. Oliver also staid in fishing village for three weeks, he also got interview to do with guy who had part with mafia, which for him it was most exciting from all works he had. Unfortunately because that man wanted to leave mafia with his family he had to go under protection to get be saved, but its still wasn’t safe enough.

Oliver work is very popular and translated to other languages, but for picture to go well with text his hand writing was made into typography so that could be easily be changed to other languages and look good together with illustrations.

Overall, it was interesting experience to there the world around, the life people are living and the way he see it.

His website to check it out: OliverKugler

Near to the end of tunnel?


I finally managed to get crystal clear cd cases. Don’t they look nice and shiny? everuthing is going quite well smoothly with countdown single, just it will be hard part to print since I just found out how my printer is rubbish. So from tomorrow Ill have to learn how to comunicate with university printers and that learning with cost a lot which is most of worry. I might start to think about saving for new printer.
Lately  started realizing how much no time I have for promotion thingy now. Though about make post stamps and little folder booklet.

open galaxies


Somehow lately my view in my art changed and I start to like what I create, start to be happy with myself. This art Im working for alicenine.- the beautiful name. that song lyrics are hard to put in to picture so this is the only way i could though.